Hi, my name is Thijs Feryn!

I'm a technical evangelist and I focus on bridging the gap between developers and sysadmins.

I work at Combell (part of the Intelligent group) and I'm also a board member at PHPBenelux.

I am a international conference speaker, author, blogger, vlogger, organizer, developer, sysadmin

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Public speaker

I'm an experienced international conference speaker.

I can do in-depth technical talks, entertaining presentations of any kind and inspiring keynotes.

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I'm an O'Reilly author and wrote Getting started with Varnish Cache.

This is an official Varnish book that is endorsed by Varnish Software and will be on sale in February 2017

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I'm a tech blogger that focusses on open source software. You'll find blog posts that appeal to both developers and system administrators.

I also blog about topics that are related to my job as a technical evangelist

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Conference organizer

I love open source communities and organizing events is my way to give back to the community

I organize the annual PHPBenelux Conference, but I also organize smaller meetups in my role as a technical evangelist

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I vlog about my personal life, but I also make trip reports when I travel to conferences.

I conduct interviews with interesting people from IT industry and I make tutorial videos about technology

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Technical evangelist

I'm a technical evangelist at Combell, where I advise clients, colleagues, prospects and communities on web technology

I'm a developer in a hosting environment, where I strive to close the gap between code and infrastructure

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